About Tradoodle


Tradoodle.com is a website and search engine which, amongst other things, allows industry specific individuals and registered companies to source professional trades, suppliers, trade shows and industry training in the UK and Ireland. tradoodle.com also provides professional trades, supply companies, trade shows organisations and industry training bodies or companies to advertise their services to the UK and Ireland

We provide a service which enables you to search for construction industry companies offering specific services located in the geographical area you desire. The search facility offered by tradoodle.com allows you to also search for relevant suppliers, trade shows and training specifically relating to your individual or company requirements in the geographical area you need.  This will enable you make an informed decision before contacting to your chosen service provider for further information. tradoodle.com also provides web-space for relative companies to advertise their services and products.

We do not provide industry specific advice or other advice in relation to the products or services offered by our members, nor do we provide a recommendation or endorsement.

When it comes to our members, we don’t choose favourites. We offer impartial and independent search options and our results are always shown equally with no preference.