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  • 29 January 2022 13:58 local time

  • Glass Environments Ltd
  • Grosvenor House
  • 0121 663 1240
  • We work with directors, facilities managers, designers, architects, landlords and surveyors to design, create and install beautiful and practical glass partitions in offices throughout the world.

    In practice that means single- and double-glazed partitions, acoustic partitions, doors, curved glass partitions and more.

    Officially, I’m the boss of the company. In reality, I’m a glorified slave to everyone else ;)

    I spent my whole career working for some of the of the largest glass partition companies in the world before deciding to start my own company about four years ago – with the help of my wife George, daughter Dominique and Lee (who is great apart from the fact he supports Walsall FC!)

    Usually, people give me a call for one of three reasons:

    – They’re concerned their office isn’t creating the most helpful working environment.
    – They’re considering an office renovation, revamp or redesign.
    – They’ve got technical questions about what is or isn’t possible to build using glass.

    If any of those ring a bell, if you love to network with other ambitious businesspeople, or you (like me) love to talk about glass, office interiors and design, drop me a connection request.

Head Office Location

Grosvenor House, 11 Saint Paul's Square, Birmingham, B3 1RL, United Kingdom

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