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  • 28 September 2021 12:12 local time

  • 0141 255 1974
  • Why choose Granite Scotland?

    1. Quality
    We work to produce high quality Granite, Quartz & Silestone Workrtops. We utilize the best tools and practices in the industry to fabricate each project.

    2. Service
    We provide the greatest service to everyone of our clients because we know that one happy customer will bring us more clients through word of mouth.

    3. Colour Choices
    We have largest and best colours in Scotland because we directly import our stone from the mines and quarries.
    We get slabs from all over the World, including Brazil, India, Norway, South Africa, Italy and Spain.
    We also import from the biggest solid surface suppliers from around the world.

    4. Turnaround Time
    We deliver you one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We have a dedicated workforce who work until the client is completeley satisfied. We also use state of the art CNC cutting technologies which helps with speed and quality.

    5.Great Value
    Price is very important to clients and we strive to be the lowest priced in Scotland. Our competitors have a lot of add on fees such as charging for every tap hole. Our business model, such as buying stone direct and having no middlemen lets us have the lowest overhead in turn we pass the savings on to you.


G2 1BP, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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